Save Tony!

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    So I wasted 11 dollars to turn George Washington into the Disney Princesses…

    11 dollars VERY well spent.

    My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!


  2. Plane ticket

    So, the donation total is just under 40$ so far. This is awesome, but still not enough. We just found out we will have to FLY out there as soon as all the final steps are set  and fly back with Tony. 
    Help us get Tony HOME

    Reblog, send the link to friends, recount the story and see if anyone you know wants to help, donate, signal boost! Get the word out and GET TONY HOME!


  3. After the meeting with a social worker today, things seem in better prospective. We can do this, it’s just going to be a hard road! Spread the word; reblog, like, follow, signal boost, or donate if you can! Your guys help Is much needed and appreciated! Lets get the kid away from his abuser!!!



    Hopefully when we meet with the social worker on Tuesday we get some more done to SAVE TONY!

    Please click this link to donate now to help save Tony!


  5. YAY

    Received a second donation yesterday afternoon! 


  6. More lies.

    Tony’s father has been telling him that his sister is dead. Which he /knows/ is not true. But still, guys this is the shit this man pulls to mentally trap you. How sick is that?

    In case you are just joining in now:
    Tony is a minor who my fiance(his sister) and I are trying to gain custody of. SUPER abusive father. See first post for more info!


  7. kaotosaurion said: Hey-- I just saw your post, and I want to wish you the best of luck, for one, but two, if you're a legal adult, you can sue your father for the rights to that insurance money he spent-- more precisely, if your mother left it in *your name*, you can show the documents in court as validation that x amount ($) belongs to you, and that your father took it from the savings account. He'll be forced to pay that amount to you, if the court rules it. Please, at least try! It could really help you.

    Thank you so much! I’m going Monday to get a copy of the will. He’s so going down. And I have a few people ready to fight to save my brothers $$! 



    Slowly finding out more things that shock us about his living situation . We HAVE to win!


  9. YAY!

    Received the first donation ! Thank you so much !


  10. ichewonpushpins:

    I’ve never been good at asking for help, so it’s really difficult for me to write this. But I’m at a point in my life where if I don’t try and get some sort of help, I won’t be able to make it.

    My little brother, Antonio, is 15 and lives with my dad. It should be said right now that my dad is…

    If the pay pal isn’t working please let me know!